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M-Cubed, borne out of Moony and the Madmen, they have stated that they are driving new ways for music to progress.  


Refusing to be drawn into the 5-second, single-song download culture that they feel has destroyed popular music as an art form and set it back 30+ years to being pre-recorded, over-produced “pap”, they will only record and release complete pieces.  Their formats will be mp3, FLAC and Vinyl (they would prefer Vinyl only).


Determined to bring art back to music, they are writing a number of pieces that will be published here.  Some will be able to be streamed in full from these pages.


My Great Web page

England’s Lament

England's Lament



Dave, Jens, Jezza & ‘Bekah

Dave, Jens, Jezza and Bekah

Do the Wolf

Do the Wolf

ROCK OPERA: Help compose it!